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Hi There, future techpreneur! Are you learning how to start a blog on your new website? Maybe trying to bring your business into the future and take it out of the past? For whatever the reason, you’ve found a good starting point to get everything up and running.

Below, you’ll find a step by step guide on how to add a blog post your website. Before we start you will need to log in to your website by visiting www.yourdomain.co.za/wp-admin (remember to replace yourdomain.co.za with your own website url.)


Section 1

Once you have successfully logged in, look to the left panel and find Post > Add New.


Section 2

On this page you will have a few options that are needed, in order to have beautiful content, live on your website.


Post Title – Here you will add the name of your blog article.
Post Content – The large white area below your post title will be where you put most of your content. You have access to a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, which gives you options very similar to a word document. You have the ability to add media (images and videos), bold, italic, bullets, numbers, quotes, text alignment, hyperlinking, read more creator (not widely used) and a drop down menu that gives you even more options.
Categories – You can create your own categories (Categories > + Add New Category) and order your content based off of these key words.

If your site has been created by Myrik Design, your blog or article page would have been set up to automatically populate these categories with your newly published posts.

Tags – Are used for specific topics of conversation. Categories cover a broad spectrum of article types and you can make them even more specific by implementing tags. Here’s an example: A post filed in the Book Review category can optionally have tags like Fiction, Mystery, Stephen King. etc
Featured Image – This will be the image associate with your post, the first item anyone will see before seeing the full content. Use this link to upload your blogs main image.

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Section 3

We’re almost ready to publish our blog/article, read the next few features and finish off the finer details of your post. In the top right hand panel of your blog editor, you’ll see a panel called Publish.

Publish Date – You have the ability to schedule when your post goes out, down to the minute. Click Edit, enter the month, day, year and time you’d like the post to go live, click OK and save your changes. FYI: You can also back date your posts this pay.
Preview – With this feature, you can take a look at the post you’ve created, through the eyes of everyone else visiting your website. This is to make sure all your content looks great before it’s made live.

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