How to add a simple product

Hi There, future techpreneur! Today we are going to teach you how to run your e-commerce store and get you started adding your first live product.

Below, you’ll find a step by step guide on how to add a product to your e-commerce store. Before we start you will need to log in to your website by visiting www.yourdomain.co.za/wp-admin (remember to replace yourdomain.co.za with your own website url.)

Section 1

Once you have successfully logged in, look to the left panel and find Products > Add New.

Do you have a website with us? Log into your account for all your website login information.

Section 2

Here are a few options that you’ll see once the page opens for your product creation.

Add a product title – Enter the name of your product here.
Add a product long description – The large white area below your product name will be where you put the majority of your products additional information.
Add a product short description – Below the main information for your prouct, you can add product benefits that will catch your customers attention. This will be the first information they see.
Add a regular price – The price of your item.
Add a sale price – If your product is currently on sale, enter it’s sale price here and it will automatically be displayed in the front of your website. Note: Next to the sale price box, is the “Schedule” link. Set a start and end date for when your sale ends and this price will revert back to the regular price automatically on that date

Section 3

Add a featured image – Next, we’ll need to show people what your product looks like. Go ahead and add a feature image. Once you click on the Set Product Image link, you’ll need to drag and drop or select your main product image.
Add some alternative images – Make your e-commerce website, pop. If you have product shots that are different from the main image (example: different flavours, colours, angles), click the Product Gallery link and upload all your favourite accompanying images.
Add a product category and tags – If you have a multitude of different products, order them into categories to make it easier for your customers to find them.

Section 4

We’re almost ready to publish our product. Look at the top right hand panel of where, you wil see a panel called Publish.

Publish Date – You have the ability to schedule when your product can be seen by the public, down to the minute. Click Edit, enter the month, day, year and time you’d like the post to go live, click OK and save your changes.
Preview – Take a look at your product, and make sure it’s exactly how you’d like it.

Click the publish button


You did it!

Your new product should be live on your e-commerce website. Think you’ve got the hang of it? Next, learn How to upload products in bulk from a .csv file and make changes to sale items, faster. Get stuck somewhere? Email us here and we’ll guide you through the process.

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