Hello web owner! Today we are going to teach you some vital skills on how to edit text on your WordPress website, quickly and easily.

Below, you’ll find a step by step guide on how to edit text content on your website. Before we start you will need to log in to your website by visiting www.yourdomain.co.za/wp-admin (remember to replace yourdomain.co.za with your own website url.)

Section 1

Once you have successfully logged in, look to the left panel and find Pages. You’ll see a new right hand panel where you can find all the pages currently on your website. Select the page you’d like to edit and click it’s title.

Do you have a website with us? Log into your account for all your website login information.

Section 2

All your websites page content lives here. You can change their layouts, add information, their look and feel and bring out the best of your brand in a few easy steps.

For the example above, we will be editing simple text in a text box. Hover over any item within this builder, to bring up a little box of quick edit information. Select the little pencil icon and open up your word editor.

Section 3

Quick Edit Tools – The versatility of this text builder is endless. Similar to Microsoft Word, the text editor has a host of options to change text size, colour, alignments and more. You can find this in the first box highlighted above.

Word Editor – Copy and paste information into this box, change information currently here or start over with a good piece of content.

Save Changes – Click the big save button to capture your changes before going live.

Section 4

We’re almost ready to make your changes live to the public. In the top right hand panel of your blog editor, you’ll see a panel called Publish.

With the preview feature, you can take a look at the page you’ve edited, through the eyes of everyone else visiting your website. This is to make sure all your content looks great before it’s made live.

Now to Publish. Click the blue button to update.


Well done!

Your updated content should be live on your website.
Get stuck somewhere? Email us here and we’ll guide you through the process.

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